welcome to photos for giving

Beyond the ‘likes’ and thumb flicks of daily web experiences, there's more... Spend some time here; immerse yourself in soothing imagery and sounds for a while. 

Share my photographic journey, the beauty I see,  and most importantly help me give something back . If you're moved what you see please make a donation to my favourite charities, which from time to time, will change . Especially in these troubled times I hope the work  moves you, and inspires you to give. I like to think that in return for your donation, you get to experience this site and everything I can offer through it.

Photos for Giving has been an obsessive labour of love and passion; so if you enjoy the  experience, please come back - often! The content will change, and the site will evolve. I'll be blogging and posting new images and slideshows in reflections as the work evolves. And you’ll very likely glimpse my love of dance, cooking, and travel.

Please comment if you have been moved by any of this. If you sign up to the mailing list , I promise not to bombard you. Needless to say the more the site is shared, the more we can raise for these deserving causes.

Enjoy ~ you'll find more about themes here