If you'd like a print of any of the images, message me using the contact form. They make great gifts and I'm hoping to add greetings cards and other quality items soon.

I can supply anything up to A3 size on various high quality papers.  I'll only add the  actual print and delivery costs which is usually between £5 and £20. For wall art like canvases and larger prints, I'll link you up to a specialist printer who can supply directly to you. 

People have asked for guidance in donations. The suggestions below are consistent with other fine art photography sites.  In the end it's up to you; I'd love you to be inspired to donate as much as possible. And if you'd like a print but can't reach these numbers then donate what you can...

Your generosity helps complete the elusive virtuous circle and pay forward to those in need.

Thank you for helping me make that a reality 


Guide donations for prints

Up to A4        £25/35

Approx A3      £45/50

Approx A2      £75/150

Approx A1      £125/250

plus actual costs of production and delivery 

WHite LR.png

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon